Sunday, June 17, 2012

Effect of Drosophila melanogaster Female Size on Male Mating Success

Turiegano, E., Monedero, I., Pita, M., Torroja, L., & Canal, I. 2012. J Insect Behav.   

The authors examined the effect of female Drosophila melanogaster body size on mating success. Their results confirmed that larger males have a higher mating success. The authors also found that female size with respect to male size also affects mating success; previously the role of female size was unknown. The effect of female size on mating behaviour and dynamics appears to influence male courtship displays. Males show an increased time in courtship initiation towards larger females, larger females are the recipients of more wing vibrations, and larger females tend to avoid males for longer periods of time during courtship attempts. Large males are known to copulate more rapidly in non-competitive experiments. In addition, large males are favoured to initiate courtship in a competitive environment.The analysis of these behaviours confirms that the female is the most important in courtship opportunities and that both male and female body size is important for successful mating.

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