Sunday, October 23, 2011

Aigaki, T. & Ohba, S. Effect of mating status on Drosophila virilis lifespan. Exp. Gerontol. 4:267-278.

Aigaki and Ohba studdeid the effect of mating status on Drosophila virilis by looking at the lifespan of virgin males and females, population density, and sex ratio. In addition, the authors examined lifetime egg production between virgin and nonvirgin females. The effect of virginity on lifespan was different between the sexes. In all cases lengthening of female lifespan and shortening of male lifespan was observed as an effect of virginity. At a high sex ratio, females and males have similar mean lifespans. At a low ratio, mean female and mean male lifespans were insignificantly insignificant. Lifetime egg production for a mated female was found to be greater than for a virgin female. This study is relevant to my research on mating status of nonvirgin and virgin females and how social experience and mating history affects courtship, copulation, and fecundity.

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